Protection under Public Order Law

In acute cases of domestic violence, the police may prohibit an offender from returning home for 10 days in accordance with Section 34a of the Public Order Law so that the victim will be safe again in his or her home. This gives the victim time to think things over, get advice and file a protection order under Civil Law at a Civil Court.
Such an order extends the prohibition to return by another 10 days but remains valid only until the court has come to a decision.
To protect the victim, the police check up on the offender to see if he or she obeys the conditions of the court order. If he or she breaks them, the victim may dial the police emergency number 110 at any time.
The person ordered out of the home is given the opportunity to collect urgently needed personal items. He or she is allowed to collect further items only if absolutely necessary, and accompanied by the police.

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